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Creative Recharge: How to reset and inspire as an Artist

My favorite part of sculpture is building the pieces. It’s 3 months of non-stop creativity with rewarding challenges until I finally have enough to fill my kiln. Then comes the stressful part: compacting many large pieces carefully into place to maximize efficiency, hopefully without breaking anything. After the bisque firing, I focus intensely on glazing, before loading the kiln all over again. But the hardest part is last: making bases and cleaning the work up for shows across the country. This can leave you feeling a little creatively and physically spent.

Sometimes its good to just getaway. A creative recharge can let you come at your art work from a different perspective. Any excuse will do to escape and refresh. I like to take a road trip after a glaze firing, before I start my next body of work. Just a few days in a hotel, eating guilty food, and driving 10 to 12 hours, makes me look forward to another 3 months of creating!

My advice to you: find your creative recharge, make time for it, and commit to it as part of your creative process!

Chatterley Sculpture Studio Kiln: 2/3 Full

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