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Turning Down the Inner Critic

Are the voices in my head bothering you?

At one time people used to think the voices in their heads were the gods talking to them. Then we became conscious and found out it was our own roof chatter. I imagine it would have been sort of liberating thinking that the thoughts in your head were from a divine source and that you were not responsible for them. There was someone else to blame if things went wrong. But we know that’s not the case--or we think we do.

Trying to turn down the inner critic is easier said than done.

Sometimes I look at the work that I just created and question, “What was I thinking? Should I be exposing this much of myself to the rest of the world? This stuff is no good. Who is going to want this?” Then another voice pipes in saying, “What the hell, I am only around here once. And it is sort of freeing doing an exorcism of my thoughts. Plus, there had to have been a reason I started this piece in the first place. I just might not know it yet.” I'd like to think of my work as flags representing my tribe, and the people that get me are part of that tribe. Or the work is a sign post of where I am at or where I have been mentally.

I have a friend who gave me a card that says, "You are understood by very few people, and the ones that do understand you are laughing.” Oh well, the enjoyment is to be making and exploring new ideas. If I can give somebody else pleasure that is an added bonus, but in the end it comes down to trust.

Don't let your inner critic stifle your work.

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